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From the foregoing further findings and conclusions result in a logical manner as follows:

1. That part of the invisible which has intelligent and creative properties is commonly called God or spirit. In other countries, this spirit otherwise is called Buddha, Allah, Brahma and so on.

2. So far, many of beliefs have persisted that this spirit is something what is above us or is separated from us and that we ourselves are completely powerless.

3. Since we are intelligent and are equipped with features which have something to do with efficient creation, steering, influence or organize, we are by our very nature powerful spirit (children of spirit, children of God).

4. More and more it should be clear that we are not at all so powerless, as let us believe partially religions and sciences with their basic assumptions (for example: spirit is material and a product of matter)

5. Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs probably have quite more influence on our lives, than was previously taught us (placebo, nocebo, hypnosis phenomenon, epigenetics, mental training, …).


We are programmed for many generations,

- That we age

- That we must die

- That we must eat

- That this or that could harm us

- That we have to fight to maintain our position

- That nothing is given to us freely (-> provide performance)

- That we are powerless, in the sense that our thoughts have no power.


Further programs during the time of our education.

- You have to do this or that, to be lovable or to be worthwhile person

- You're stupid, small, ugly, ...


All of these beliefs work in us and are largely responsible for how show us the situations!!!


For health care, which we engage in the following, it means that the spiritual aspect necessarily should be assigned more importance. It is justified, inter alia, alternative healing methods (example, not exhaustive).

1. Spiritual healing (mental, Reiki, prayers, ...) is a discipline which attaches to the spiritual realm. Also thoughts / feelings / beliefs belong to the spiritual plane (see hierarchy).

2. Homeopathy is the discipline which has an influence on the ethereal level by the oscillation (-> Information). With acupuncture and acupressure energy pulses are added on subtle energy channels (meridians), to stimulate the flow of energy.

3. Traditional medicine and naturopathy are disciplines which begin on the gross realm.



a) Meridians are known in acupuncture and acupressure, but they cannot be detected directly in classical biological sense (similarly to the dark energy and dark matter)

b) Whether we eat, we take medication to us or we take other healing methods to complete, we will deal with things always mentally. So there is nothing we do not interact with from the spiritual plane at any time.

c) Alleged Contradictions in the success of application can be explained on placebo and nocebo effects as well as on the internal programs.


Now the legitimate question: "If we are or if we should be so powerful beings, why we have at all the impression, to be so often powerless?"


Possible answers.

1. If we observe our thoughts exactly, we can see, that there are both positive and negative thoughts/feelings. Even if we try to think positively, we hardly can detach us by the negative thoughts or/and  feelings. So, there are thoughts in us, which e.g. contribute to recovery and thoughts, which e.g. contribute to disease. It will be like the dew-pulling, pulling at the two sides (there prevail large forces and yet nothing moves).

2. By the placebo effect and in hypnosis, negative thoughts are largely eliminated, so here effects can be obtained in which no opposing force acts. This would correspond to the dew-pulling in that case in which all are pulling on one side (it goes very lightly in the desired direction).

3. In order to help the mental level to come targeted and effectively into effect, we need to work on our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs (to bring all of our thoughts to one action direction).



A strong basic problem is that, to date, we have not really clear picture of the world and therefore we do not know why things are the way they are. Accordingly, we are of course to our opinions and beliefs back and forth torn.

Are there any solutions? By admitting the possibility that we are the creators of our lives with our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, it is conceivable that we have really solutions to this dilemma. To do this, we need to bring all our thoughts into a targeted response direction by creating a line with all our consciousness parts. It is pulling the barrow of our life with all these parts in one direction.


barrow in drivebarrow in drive



The basic idea is:

- We take precisely the discipline in the medical system, which we consider the fittest corresponding case, but have in mind that these are only temporary aids, to the extent that we have strengthened our spirit, that we can virtually move mountains.

- At the same time we ask every symptom or problem for its root cause (which thinking, feeling or attitude toward the world could be responsible ...), to change where appropriate something in our mental attitude.

- At the same time we try to follow our inspiration and inner impulses to gradually create a line with us and our contemporary world.

- We're trying to figure out what is our destiny/ vocation here on earth.

- As we always try to act accordingly, we are becoming safer and more targeted, so that in the end we can speak of a healthy mind, which must have as a consequence a healthy body (in a healthy body can live only a healthy mind or spirit ).

- Then really nothing will be impossible for us (all thoughts show into one action direction)


The systematic approach would be a gradual reduction in the use of assistive devices and/or the gradual reduction of extern aid. This of course can be different for each person. Psycho-energetically, this means the creation of internal harmony. Specifically, we may think of the synergy of the different disciplines in the medical system as an aspect of the creation and of inner harmony.


As we are able, we aim:

- To help people gradually into their creative power, so that everyone may know that he is the architect of his own future by his thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

- To help these people to come into their natural self-development.

- They help to mobilize their self-healing.

- They help to become more confident.

- They help to recognize her true calling / destination.

- ...


Further consequences are, for example:

- To support people in a way, that they can dissolve gradually the drug addiction (dependence of the pharmaceutical industry) and other dependencies (various lobbies).

- To allow people to come gradually to their true freedom and creative power.

- To support people in a way, that peace and joy can spread more and more upon the earth.



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