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Erwin Schrödinger about multiplicityErwin Schrödinger about multiplicity


How the differenced multiplicity can’t be a real reality? The quantum physics results may us deliver an idea of that. In a certain manner, quantum physics describes the interface between that which shows us things in almost perfect manner separated from each other (matter) and that which is completely interconnected. The consequence of a completely interconnection is, that we don’t have any separation by time or space. Now we take a view to our world system which exists of worlds or energy levels of different densities. Then it would quasi exists a highest world level or world type that has no more compaction and is completely formless. Then it would be strongly suggested, that at the highest level everything is connected in a way that between the part and the whole cannot be distinguished. It is as if every part carries the multiplicity of the whole in itself and is identical with the whole at any time.


How to understand this? All parts together could form an information system like a radio transmitter-receiver system. All parts of this system can emit, transfer (transmit) and receive information at the same time and at all the time. But we cannot distinguish, which part do emit, transfer or receive the information preferably, because all parts have all these properties at the same time and do have an infinite scope (radius). All these three parts of information system are also formless and hold all functions at the same time in itself. It is like as we can't distinguish between the radio stations, the carrier waves and the radios. It means, that an infinite energy current of the whole system flows through each part of Information system and that everything has an infinite speed. For more information see my book "Psychoenergetik, die Wissenschaft des Lebens".


With these results you perhaps can better understand the thought of trinity which I presented at the beginning of my website by the analogies.


In the highest realm of our world system, we can distinguish neither between the inhabitant of the world and the world itself nor between truth and reality. Now, if consciousness or spirit can be present in different levels, it is conceivable that there exists different states of consciousness. At the highest level this could be something like the absolute waking consciousness. All subordinate states of consciousness would then assign dreams of different dream depths. The highest level itself would be the absolute reality, while the levels of different densities would be realities of different degrees of reality.


Thus, the highest being level could be the one area in which our all conscious mind is loceated. Because we can think and we are alive, we are always real. But as a real conscious-ness we can be awake or can dream a dream in different depths. The waking consciousness would be the basis of all existences. Therefore, this highest area will be the starting point for my further considerations.


If everything is connected to everything else, in fact it may not give a world outside of us. That means, if something appears us as outside of us, we are subject of deception. The magic is, that we can have the feeling that we were in the midst of a world that has all sorts of dimensions, spheres and being levels, and that the world around us can be represented as something that is outside of us, regardless of whether this is really the case or not. Finally, there is the possibility of illusory perception.


But that which can perceive something "out of itself", is not our true self (SELF). It is a breakaway self from the SELF that has gone into the dream. This self can wake up by connecting (again) himself with the SELF, which is the true aim. This SELF get the little self pretend like IT did not exist or, if IT is to exist at all, IT is as something outside of us. Because the SELF is omnipotent and omniscient, IT is just called by many of that daydreaming ego namely GOD. But in my viewpoint, it doesn't matter, as we like to call this SELF. In my viewpoint, IT's our all waking consciousness or our all BEING, from WHICH everything emanates, from WHICH everything else has developed to return again sometime in this BEING. This universal return we can call the utter awakening. This would roughly correspond to the Basic tenor of Eastern religions.


The world outside the absoluteness is just an idea.
Life and death are phenomena.
Also, the ego has no real separateness.
In TRUTH only the ubiquitous TAO exists.
                                          Basic tenor of Eastern religions



The SELF as I understand IT, is the all-encompassing spirit (TAO), in which there can be no "outside". In order to perceive an "outside", it needs some kind of back door, which is possible only by the energy compaction. Here, the SELF would be formless energy, which is the fundamental component of all being containing in turn the multiplicity undivided in itself. By the energy compaction it is/was possible to create the different levels of the universe and parallel universes with all the different forms of expression, where the different levels allow the dream of different dream depths. Using this energy compaction, it is/was possible to create impressions of multiplicity in a way that the undivided multiplicity can be decomposed quasi into separate items, similar to the white light which contains all colors which can be disassembled by certain aids into different color components. So, from the undivided multiplicity we get the diversity, via a magic trick which we all have forgotten some times.


This creation makes sense, if experiences are collected. This means that the dream must be experienced so as if it were real. Therefore the SELF provides/provided parts that have lent themselves for going into resonance with the various forms of appearances, quasi to accept their temporary identity and in order to make the corresponding experience. In the Spiritual sciences it is loved to talk about the game of separation.


In order this split-off self can really dream, it must be disconnected from its Self communicatively. This means it may then not really be aware of his waking consciousness. And as it has been shown, that separation (communicative decoupling) is so well done that it's like a wonder. Here the individual ego is not (no more) aware of the wholeness. Instead of this, it perceives everything else as outside of itself by identifying with one of the various forms of expression (such as human body). For more details see my book "Psychoenergetik, die Wissenschaft des Lebens".


For a long time, we have forgotten who we are and to which true identity we belong. Now we begin gradually to remember on this, the one before, the other now and again others later, as measured by the illusory time, which perceives the separated self.


If we consider the universe as a block universe, all things would be included in a germ as a potential. This germ itself contains all information about the whole history of the universe. That means, that everything has already happened. As creator, in every moment we create the perceived things from the potential of all possibilities, which are included in this germ. We do this in a way, that we have the impression to create or to perceive things in succession. Or in other words, in any moment of time something comes into our attention light, which let us draw from the potential of all possibilities our ideas/visions, to manifest exactly what we perceive. Because all things are included in a germ as a potential, it would be exist an overall plan. According to the overall plan in relation to the project “disconnection game” or dream or whatever we like to call this project, all kinds of experiences will be collected until it is enough. Is it enough, whenever this may be in relation to the illusory time, everyone wakes up and everything turns back into the formlessness.


And, the interesting thing is that, anyone of us can say that all forms and all worlds being "out there" (whether people, animals, planets, angels, universes) are ultimately only dreamed things of us, that just play these roles, which they have to play according to the common plan. Because everything that happens has been planned and do exist as potential, everything must be written somewhere. The place, where all this has been written, is called the universe matrix (Akashic records, morphic fields). For deeper information about the Akashic records in a theoretical viewpoint see also my book "Psychoenergetik, die Wissenschaft des Lebens".


The question that remains perhaps open is, whether we do have free will. Possibly the quantum physics could give us an answer. Thus, for example, the physicist Richard Feynman could describe the results of the double-slit experiment mathematically with the path-integral method. The result of this method was, that each quantum went all possible paths (-> infinite speed!!!) to search out his individual way, before it began its actual journey. The free choice (free will) then would (only) be in the decision of the path from the multitude of all paths. Is once a path picked out, it can’t be changed.


Perhaps it is similar for us as spirit (spiritual beings). Then, our free will would be defined in picking out our individual path from all possible paths. Is once a path picked out, it can’t be changed.


May be, there exists a possible variation of our selected path. So, the possible existence of parallel universe allows us to open in every moment of the path probability windows, what provides some variation of the path. The road would be roughly determined. This might be similar to the following metaphor. The one decides to eke out a living on the planet 1, the other on the planet 2, etc. On each planet there are ways and landscapes. Then, everyone is bound on his own planet (gross way), but has to decide which way he want to hit on the corresponding planet. Depending on which way we are on our planet, our experience is respectively different. If we live in the same environment as the others, we have similar experiences. This would metaphorically correspond the case that the planets have similar appearance.


Now, possibly depending on the degree of freedom (Dream depth) of the corresponding dreamer, the variations in the time window would adopt different degrees. Say, from higher or highest point of view, the variation of the path of the dreamer of the deepest dream depth would be seen very easily predictable. However, the dreamer of light sleep, the variations were so considerable that a prediction of the variation from the highest point of view would be hardly possible. As I said, the rough way of all spirit beings would be given, however, the variation of path would depend on the instantaneous degree of freedom.


Now, we remember us of the inconsistence in terms of the speed of light. Because the clock of light stands still, we can’t really define the speed of light. How can be dissolved that inconsistence? Here I would like to cite Udo Petscher (see also Holofeeling) mutatis mutandis as follows:

"... All the "pictures" that are now perceived from your consciousness exist without question only of "LIGHT", because you never see "things in themselves", but only the "light phenomena" that seems to arrive “to you”. The actual substance of all "pictures" perceived from you is nothing but “LIGHT” which is moving, at least according to the beliefs of your scientists, always with the speed of light, although a photon or an electromagnetic wave (the other aspect of the photon) in mathematical viewpoint does not move, as I said! The whole thing is actually not nearly as tricky as it sounds at first, because it simply means only that absolutely nothing can be located "outside" of you and nothing really "is moving" - even if it should have this appearance by your "superficial" consideration!!! ... "


So, if changes are not really in space and time, they exist only in our spirit as deceit. And the world of separation is an illusion, which is in accord with Spiritual sciences and also with the Eastern religions. And we, who are the magicians of illusions, have forgotten from time to time, how the magic trick does work. The only question for us is now, how we can show behind this trick. In this sense, I wish you good luck!!!


Now, it could be seen, that all the mentioned contradictions could be solved. The universe wasn’t born from nothing, but was created by energy compaction, i.e. by means of energy transformation/energy conversion. Because the material world is an imaginary world, there exists no singularities at the beginning of the universe and the so called virtual photons can be defined as more real than the material world. That the speed of light can’t be really defined is based on the fact, that all things and all events exist only in our spirit. Then, we also could see, how the dilemma of “neither-absolutely-separated-nor-being-absolutely-connected” concerning all the perceived things could be solved. From the perspective of the metaphysical, all things are connected to each other, while in a purely materialistic viewpoint the things can be seen as separated from each other and that they seem to be led as if by magic. This means also, that our perception is a mis-perception, which corresponds to the idea of dream. Then, it makes no (more) sense to say, that the energy of the universe must be equal zero at any time, because energy was always there. Because this world system would have different energy levels, the energy can also vertically flow (transversely to the planes of this world system). From the metaphysical viewpoint, the material world was created by this vertical energy flow into a space, which was not there before. This space had to be created (inflated) at the same time, when energy has been pushed into this space and compacted there for the manifestation. From the material viewpoint it seemed, that the world was born from nothing, without being perceived as correct. In a way, it is no longer necessary to require the presence of negativ energy. The idea of negativ energy grew up only from the idea, that the universe has been emerged out of nothing and that the energy of the universe therefore has to be equal zero at any time.


The universe as an appearance was created from the highest energy level (the BASIS) for the dream and brought into dynamic. After the dream the universe will be transformed back to the BASIS. In respect to time the dynamic of the universe could be seen as a trip away from the BASE. For this trip it would be a turning point, because the dream of the universal spirit itself implies waking up. In other words, so that the universal spirit can wake up, it must exist of course a turning point. So, the trip of our universe away from our origin will be only temporary.


The universal tripThe universal trip





assignment to the different levelsassignment to the different levels



Now here the logical and psycho-energetical structure of our world system as an overview (for more detail see my book):


The overviewThe overview




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