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We remind ourselves of the paradox of quantum physics. On the one hand, all quantum particles are separated in space and time. On the other hand, quantum physics comes to the realization that the whole is in each of its part. If the whole is in each of its part, the whole must somehow communicate with all of its parts. The atomic and subatomic blocks cannot establish the connection to each other because they are separated spatially and temporally. If they also cannot come together because they are subject to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, how can they come into relationship by energetic interaction? However, because we obviously obtain a connection and an interaction, there must be something that can do and ensure this.

The dilemma of, “neither-absolutely-separated-nor-being-absolutely-connected”' can be resolved only through the metaphysical. Because if we consider the metaphysical as something real existent, it is logical to understand that the question of separation or connection is ultimately just a matter of perspective. From a purely physical viewpoint things would be separated, but from a higher view (metaphysical view) they would be joined together. Further, because the microcosm is undetermined, but the world is quite determined, the determination must be sought well in the metaphysical. Thus, quantum physics, in fact, could be seen as a gateway to metaphysics or as a gateway to a realm of being in which everything is connected. Consequently, the quantum physics may describe the interface between that which shows us things in almost perfect manner separated from each other and that which is completely interconnected with all of its parts.

The further we get into the ball inside according to brane theory, we have to do it with higher energy levels, as we know from Spiritual Science. It teaches us, the higher the energy levels are, the more subtle and more spiritual will be the energy. At some point energetic upwards, the energy lose their particle property and get pure energy vibration that we can call non-dual. Energetic upwards (or inward according to the shell or brane model), the energy levels become more and more fundamental. So a clear hierarchy is obtained, which imparts the cause-effect arrow in a direction that shows energetically down. Because, between these energy levels there is no separation by space or time, cause and effect are also never separated by space or time. So, there can always exist a causality despite the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, as the reason would teach us.

arrow of cause and effectarrow of cause and effect


As now it is increasingly clear, that in the higher-energy range we have to suspect a size, which has truly a causative and organizing function. Yes, this size should bear in itself the feature of creating. Next, it is likely, that this size is in the hierarchy above the matter. According to the analogies it can be assumed that the law of cause-and-effect must have three aspects in order to be complete.

Spirit = cause, producer, caller, father principle

Soul = action principle, mother principle, echo carrier system

Body = effect, begotten, son or daughter's principle, echo




science without metaphysicsscience without metaphysics


The sciences have done so far, that only the material world exists except dreams and illusions. They quasi have considered only the region below the dashed line, as the drawing above shows it, and have unconsciously cut off the area above the dashed line, as if it didn’t exist. In the area below we perceive effects of things. Since there is not an effect without a cause, the cause must be somewhere. Since there would exist only one area, the cause must be in this one area. But if there would exist further areas, the cause mustn’t necessarily be in the perceived area. It can be quite in the area(s) above the dashed line as it is shown in the further drawing.



science with metaphysicsscience with metaphysics 


Because the sciences have left out the spirit in their considerations, they had attributed to the matter a property which is reserved to the spirit. It is the property of a cause for something. And because the material world appears as multipolar world, it was obvious that the effect has an opposite pole. It is the cause. As long as the spirit is left out in our considerations, we must believe, that the elements of the material world must hold both functions: cause and effect. According to this assignment, it remains the impression that the purely physical level is self-sufficient. According to this thoughts a material size seems to be a cause for something and an effect of something, but not both at the same time. 

The one feature seems to contain the other in a kind, that the one is potentially but not quite in the other, as expressed in the yin-yang symbol. If we consider the yin-yang symbol in more detail, we see, that none of the functions is in itself completely. So, the functions cause and effect are not absolutely definable within the material level. If they are not absolute, they can’t really exist in the assumed form. Or how can a particular particle decide, whether it would be now a cause for another particle or an effect of another particle?

So, it isn't so far-fetched to say, that the cause-effect law of science till now is described incompletely and inaccurately. This law till now ascribes to an element the feature of a cause, which is a pure effect. Such an assignment in connection with the belief that we are body, has moreover a disastrous effect. Finally, it must make us believe, that we are powerless beings and we would be helplessly exposed to the external things. The idea of pure chance is also based on this assignment.

However, if we postulate, that spirit is the creator of things, we are getting completely different conclusions. Since our true nature is spirit, we can say, that everyone is in the main the architect of his own fortune. With this result we are asked to show responsibility for our lives. The postulation of the power of our spirit is also very important for the healing essence (see chapter synergy).


Justification of analogies. At the highest level we are dealing with aspects that are each one and which are not subordinated to each other hierarchically. In order to bring it in line with the Christian religion, we can identify these aspects in particular with the terms FATHER, HOLY SPIRIT (MOTHER) and SON (or DAUGHTER). The BUDDHA Trinity means the same. For one and the same, there are only different terms. For more information on this, see my book.

The key finding from this is that all things are developed from this trinity, which is the ground of all being. And because everything has developed from it, everything is also derivable from it. Apart from our knowledge it is not possible to understand really. So we need analogies to be able to understand. Nothing else I've done here. I have resorted to these analogies in order to can draw conclusions on this trinity. These are merely conclusions from what we observe, by using the analogies.

The spirit-soul-body system is an analogy to the three-unit energy aspects FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT. But while the soul and subtle range is only a purely passive principle of creation, the Holy Spirit is both: passive creative principle and active creative principle. Ultimately, the functions of the three energy aspects FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT are interchangeable. Every aspect is free energy with the function of giving/sending, of receiving and of transmitting/handoff. But only at the highest being level all three functions are available in all energy aspects in every moment. For more information on this, see my book.

Perhaps it also became clear, that the observable may never be considered separately from the observer, if we want to understand things right. Science has made us think for a long time, as if things exist independently of us as observers.


Evidence of a more fundamental size. Let us mention the investigations from Prof. Dr. Claus W. Turtur. The German physicist Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Claus Turtur from Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Wolfenbüttel, has proved in several experiments, that the so-called "space energy" actually exists and could be even converted in classical mechanical energy. All his practical and theoretical studies are published, see for example: science Journals.


Turtur about the basics of quantum-vacuumTurtur about the basics of quantum-vacuum

The investigations from Prof. Turtur show, if the fundamental vacuum-energy is stimulated to a higher quantum state, the physical objects are getting manifested. Without a stimulation of the vacuum-energy the physical objects can't exist.

On the following page three models are presented: model of the energy compaction, model of the hyperspace(s)  and model of causation. With these models it can be explained, how the basic vacuum energy can be stimulated to a higher quantum state to create physical objects according to the investigations from Prof. Turtur. This stimulation needs a pulse from somewhere. We will see, that it is obvious that this impulse would come from the higher energy levels. At least, with these three models, we can get an idea of the existence of the universe and how the universe could be placed in dynamics.


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