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This site is a summary of my 4 websites






With the first three abovementioned websites I try to build a bridge between the natural sciences on the one hand, and metaphysics, the religions and the Spiritual sciences on the other hand. My fourth site concerns the synergy of the different disciplines in the medical/healing system and has in sight the practical things of our human being.


Now, you are invited on a journey through the various disciplines of knowledge and faith.


Here the content of this site:

1. Faith and Knowledge.

2. Postulation of metaphysics.

3. What is spirit?

4. The unifying Third One.

5. Complete law of cause and effect.

6. The Hierarchies.

7. The synergy of the different disciplines in medical/healing system.

8. Dream or reality?

9. Summarized world view.


Here my Youtube-Video bridge between science and metaphysics.

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