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Short CV. Franz Günter Leicht, born in 1955, graduated physicist (degree in physics, Konstanz, in 1984), research in EPFL Lausanne in 1985/86, later energy consultant, then independent sales representative for alternative energy, temporary help of various kinds, initiation into the secrets of success, NLP Practitioner 1994/95, inauguration Reiki degree I and II, Elise coach since 2011, bioenergy therapist of the Kryon School since 2010.

Since 1993 I’m deeply concerning myself with spiritual questions. In the course of my investigations I found a form in bringing physics and metaphysics together. Now, I’ll present you the knowledge I acquired by my investigations in different ways.

For example, one can purchase my book "Psychoenergetik, die Wissenschaft des Lebens”, but only in German language. It is available via email as an e-book, as paperback (15,24x22,86 cm) and as a hardcover book (17x24 cm). My email address is: franz-guenter.leicht@web.de


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Currently my book "Psychoenergetik, die Wissenschaft des Lebens” is also available as a free eBook.


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Note: Since Febr. /March my Kindle editions "Personal experience with the kundalini energy and spiritual backgrounds" and "Synergies in Healthcare Sector" are available for you. These working-outs are also available as paperback. For free access see different topics points on this site.



Summary of my books in English language.

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Advertising. Dear readers of my website/of my book. You can support me in different ways. Perhaps you can help me by promotion, by referring people or by the help with translation from German language in English language. Perhaps you are interested in the publication of my book in englisch language.  I’ll be very grateful to your help.

If otherwise you wish to send me a financial bonus for my (PR) work. Then give e.g. the keyword "psychoenergetics" as the purpose. In advance, I thank you very much for your appreciation!

With warmest regards
your Franz Guenter Leicht



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